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Corporate Culture


Enterprise purpose:

Build a business with precision and meet the needs of users; Win by quality, produce reliable products, treat each other sincerely and provide high-quality services.
Management idea:

Lead the market with technology and win users with service.
Enterprise spirit:

Strive to surpass and pursue excellence.
Core values:

Honest and rigorous, pragmatic and innovative.

social responsibility:

Invigorate the country through science and technology, serve the society and promote the efficient development of the power industry. Quality is king, service is supreme, and build a world-class power grid.


Talent strategy

Take team building as the key to improving the company's sustainable development ability, establish a human resource management and control system and working mechanism to meet the needs of the two transformations, implement all staff education and training, comprehensively promote the construction of leading groups at all levels, cadre teams and all kinds of talent teams, pay attention to the cultivation and introduction of scarce talents, constantly optimize the team structure and enhance the team quality, Stimulate the creative vitality of employees and provide talent guarantee and intellectual support for the construction of a strong and three excellent modern company.


Development strategy

Adhere to the policy of independent innovation, key leaps, supporting development and leading the future, implement the strategic requirements of building a first-class talent team, implementing scientific research, creating achievements, cultivating industries and realizing promotion, constantly enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, solve technical problems in production, operation and operation development, seize the commanding height of national power science and technology, and give play to the supporting and leading role of scientific and technological innovation.

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